Piece of mind for all things green

We at Plantus understand that there isn’t always a landscape project underway and that often the most needed service isn’t installation, but maintenance. If this sounds like you, why not consider our consultation services? As certified green-thumbs we can help make sure your recent installments stay happy and healthy even in the harshest weather. With over thirty years of experience managing the unique urban environment that is New York City, we can make sure your plants thrive! 


What your subscription gets you:

  • Expert advice on all things landscape

  • On call expert maintenance team 

  • Liaison with suppliers 

  • Logistical support 

  • Installment supervision/assistance 

  • LEED Consultation and energy analysis 

  • Training for regular maintenance staff 

  • Weekly visits by an expert team member to ensure quality of care 

Optionality: We know that every landscaping situation requires different aspects of support, and we offer different subscription levels to accommodate both large and small installations. Please feel free to reach out to our team with your specific needs so that we can help you turn gray into green!